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Do you connect with our values? Donating is a great way to make a difference in the world, and it’s simple if you’re not sure where to start. You can rest assured we are using funding to power ideas to help the world. When you donate, you are empowering communities.

Beyond Energy Efficiency accepts donations as a 502(c)3. Any person or legal entity may donate to our organization. You will receive a serialized donation tracking number which can be used for tax purposes.

Current Campaigns ($7,000 Raised)

Family Support Initiative

This social sustainability campaign serves under-resourced families in the Santa Barbara and surrounding areas. It’s no secret that parents and especially women going through pregnancy need a lot of extra support in order to thrive while raising new members of their family.

As a body and energy worker, Sonya Barriere sees the great need for nervous system regulation during these milestones. This work aims to provide physical and emotional comfort within the parenthood portal in order to support a healthier family and home.

We have set aside a fund for families to apply for access to this much needed resource. Parents can access this fund when they are in need of body therapy during and up to a year after pregnancy.

Farm-in-a-Box Project

In this campaign, we are converting shipping containers into self-contained vertical growing systems. These systems provide an independent food supply, complete with solar and hydroponic technology to support growth.

This project is still in developmental stages, and proceeds will go into developing a protoype. Next, we want to distribute these containers to underserved and food insecure communities in order to provide a means of food production.

Furthermore, this provides a means to educate its keepers on how to use and maintain the container for indefinite use. We hope that with this scale of production, we will be able to not only feed the communities that will be hosting them, but potentially create a surplus that can help stimulate growth in these communities. To learn more, check out our video.

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