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If you align with our values…

We would like you to consider becoming a Partner. Our goal is to support sustainability in communities by taking on various nonprofit projects. Through environmentalism, clean energy, and self-reliant systems we can foster indepenence in a more localized and inclusive manner. This gives the power back to people to make decsisions to preserve their communities. Let’s create the world we want to pass down to future generation.

There are many forms of partnerships with Beyond Energy Efficiency!

Work with Us

Are you an expert in your industry? We are looking for recruits on our projects. From engineers, to architects, we could use your specialized skill set!

Become a Sponsor

If you own a business, you can become an official sponsor. You’ll be listed as a partner in all publications and reports, be welcome to attend our events  and much more.


Collaborate with us on our campaigns or bring us your ideas. We are open to taking on new projects, and venturing into uncharted territory.

Request a Fiscal Sponsor

BEE would like to participate in company or project start-ups. Let us know what your goals are, and how you think we may fit in.

Offer Grants

Grants are typically given by an organization, awarding particular criteria or supporting a specific cause.


Our Sponsors

BarrierEnergy is the parent company of this Non-profit organization. Beyond Energy Efficiency is the brainchild of the family business, which deals in efficiency inspections. We wanted a way to cultivate our values of efficiency and sustainable living in the world around us. As a primary financial contributor, we’ve been able to make strides in our current project, the Farm-in-a-Box.

the vita nova agency

The Vita Nova Agency has partnered with Beyond Energy Efficiency as a Fiscal Sponsor. Their Non-Profit Oranization helps rehabilitate people recovering from drug and alcohol abuse to retrain them for hire. As a veteran-owned and operated business, we are familiar with the struggle that some veterans face upon reentry into civilian life. We believe this is a noble cause, and are happy to be working with an organization that shares our values of providing oppurtunities for those in need.

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