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Beyond Energy Efficiency (BEE) is dedicated to conserving energy in all forms. We begin this process by evolving a teachable new paradigm of energy production, distribution and usage. This new paradigm is based on a more efficient localized model, whereby energy is produced where it is consumed. Using this model, we can teach stakeholders and everyday energy users a new value proposition: we can no longer afford waste. Educating users about the real economic cost of wasting energy extends to savings projections, existing incentives, investment oppurtunities, personal responsibilities, and applying small solutions to life. Through education and charity, we empower people to improve their lifestyles.

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$7,000 Raised

Farm-in-a-Box Project

In this campaign, we are converting shipping containers into self-contained vertical farms. These systems provide an independent food supply, complete with solar and hydroponic technology to support growth.

Plans have been drawn out and years of research are coming together. Proceeds will go into completing the development of a protoype. Next, we will distribute these containers to underserved and food insecure communities in order to provide a means of food production.

Furthermore, this provides a means to educate its keepers on how to use and maintain the container for indefinite use. We hope that with this scale of production, we will be able to not only feed the communities that will be hosting them, but potentially create a surplus that can help stimulate growth in these communities. To learn more, check out our video.

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