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Volunteering is a fun way to participate in service to your community. It doesn’t cost a dime, and only requires a generous heart. Whether you want to complete community service hours, meet new people, or try something new, let us know. Take a look at the various volunteer opportunities we provide, to see what interests you most.

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Administrative Assistance

Offer assistance to one or more of our board members. This could involve various secretarial responsibilities, such as organizing paperwork or taking phone calls.

Specialized Collaboration

Your specialized skill set can be utilized to develop new and current projects. We are always looking for various experts who can offer time and knowledge.

Social Media Specialist

We are looking for tech-savy social media experts. Put your interpersonal skills to good use, by creating posts and growing our online presence.

Research and Development

Help us make a difference by researching various environmental topics and possible project opportunities. We are looking for pioneering ideas to get involved in.


You can actively partipcate in helping us raise charity money. Offer ideas to support your favorite cause, work at our events, or assist us behind the scenes.

Content Creation 

Are you creative? Share ideas thta can change the world by writing blog posts. Gathering content may also involve photography and video, at an event for example.

Field Work

Work on one or more of our projects, hands on. That could involve prototype development, or testing, etc. This is a fun way to support your community.

Event Coordination

Come up with event ideas, host events, and/or help manage events. Planning an event involves many different factors. Assisst us in your areas of expertise.


Telemarketting requires personality, confidence, and improvisation. Parctice these skills by taking phone calls, cold and/or warm calling, requesting donations, etc.


If you have previous experience with advertising, business, or sales, join our marketting team. Gain priceless experience by creating ad campaigns for our Non-Profit.

Writing Grants

An imperative goal of BEE is receving funding for projects through grants and special programs. This position includes locating opportunities and filling out applications.

Public Outreach

Are you a “people” person? Work with the public by advertizing for events, finding new partnership candidates, and collecting feedback from our audience. We want connection!

When you fill out your name below, your name is an electronic signature in the following legally binding contract. You agree that…

You acknowledge that you are volunteering your services at Beyond Energy Efficiency. You acknowledge that your participation is completely voluntary and is being undertaken with no promise or expectation of compensation. You are aware that, in participating in any Beyond Energy Efficiency activities that you may be exposed to personal injury and damage to your property as a result of your activities, the activities of other person(s) or the conditions under which your volunteer services are performed. With full knowledge and understanding, you accept any and all risks of damage, injury, illness, or death and I release and discharge Beyond Energy Efficiency, its officers, directors, and employees, from any claims for damages or injury and all liability arising out of my participation as a volunteer.

You have carefully read this acknowledgement and release, and fully understand its contents. You are aware that this is a release of liability and you freely and voluntarily accept the terms. You certify that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age or you have had this document signed by my parent or guardian. All information you provide is true and accurate to the best of your abilities. You further state that you are in proper condition for participating in these activities. You agree to abide by the rules established by Beyond Energy Efficiency, as well as health and safety requirements.

At any event or meeting, there may be pictures of videos taken by a photographer. You agree to allow Beyond Energy Efficiency to use this media and/or your name on a public forum, including our website, blog posts, and printed materials.


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